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Tonga Baskets

We are head over heels in love with the artistry of African Tonga baskets. These works of art are woven by the Tonga women of Zambia and have distinctive square bottoms which form the foundation of each basket. The baskets are traditionally used for carrying maize and to winnow the grains. Made from ilala palm leaves, it takes approximately two weeks for one tonga basket to be woven. Their simplistic patterns and color contrast make them a perfect addition to any space.
Image via Sandy Lamu
Warning... these artisan made beauties can be addictive! We have found it nearly impossible to have just one! We are on the search for inspirational ways to display our ever growing Tonga basket collection. Here are some styling ideas we are contemplating (that also justify adding more to our collection).
Image via le petit chou chou
The symmetry of this display adds the perfect focal point between two twin beds. We definitely would feel right at home in this layered guest room.
Design by Stephen Falcke
This floor to ceiling Tonga basket collection designed by Stephen Falcke creates a show stopping display. Talk about drama!
Image via Amber Creswell
The woven texture and asymmetry of this display is the perfect juxtaposition to the straight lines and sleek surfaces in this kitchen. Amber Creswell hits a home run with this creative use of tonga baskets in her kitchen design.
Design by Kelly Behun Image via Elle Decor
We love how designer, Kelly Behun mixed tonga baskets with wall hanging plants to create an organic feel in this outdoor space. What's not to like? Texture, greenery and a beautiful spot to enjoy a cocktail. Have we inspired you to begin your collection? Shop our Tonga Basket Collection.SaveSave