Tonga Baskets

We are head over heels in love with the artistry of African Tonga baskets. These works of art are woven by the Tonga women of Zambia and have distinctive square bottoms which form the foundation of each basket. The baskets are traditionally used for carrying maize and to winnow the...

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Global Gifts

1. Ivory Alpaca Fringe Poncho 2. Shiloh Navy Tassel Earrings 3. Scalloped Bone Inlay Frame 4. Hand Woven Ghana Fan 5. Turquoise Small Beaded Pouch 6. Blue Shapes Hand Towel 7. Gracil Napkin Ring Set 8. Block Printed Pinecone Scarf 9. Indigo Shibori Journey Yoga Bag

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Badala - Empowering Women

There a few special souls that truly give their heart to bettering the world. Here at Dear Keaton, we count Joelle McNamara of Badala one of them. Not only do we feel privileged to offer the handcrafted products from Badala, we are honored to share this company's inspirational story behind...

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