Christie Shepard Co-founder and CEO of Dear Keaton Christie Shepard Co-founder and CEO of Dear Keaton


Dear Keaton was founded in 2016 to celebrate the breeze of vacation, the liberating "out of office" reply and the relaxed feeling of exploring somewhere beautiful on your own time. We carefully selected home furnishings, accessories and gifts that channeled that slow exhale of contentment and inspiration that travel always brings. We knew we wanted to find a way to evoke that feeling at home, long after the suitcases had been put away. So, we curated a collection of goods that could offer resort living, every day. As a woman-owned small business based in Atlanta, Georgia, Dear Keaton keeps to its philosophy of celebrating the beauty of the diverse world around us. Many of our globally sourced products are artisan-made, sustainable and fair trade, offering an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world around us with each purchase, too. Now more than ever, we believe that with intention, we can fill our homes with more meaningful wares. We hope Dear Keaton can serve as a source of inspiration for items that showcase individual personality, your past travels, and all your bucket list dreams.

Dear Keaton Bamboo Console and Wallpaper Dear Keaton Bamboo Console and Wallpaper

Our Name

The name Dear Keaton is reminiscent of the time-honored practice of penning postcards to loved ones while traveling. A nostalgic nod to the past, when travelers shared the sights, sounds and senses of distant locations with those back home with a quick hand written note. A simple “wish you were here” which momentarily transports the reader to another place. Dear Keaton is our personal postcard to you, with a carefully curated collection of globally inspired home furnishings, artisan-made keepsakes, and unique gifts for your loved ones.