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Summer Cottages

Summer Cottages
Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and it has us looking forward to one last summer getaway. While the warm sun and cool water are the stars of the season, we can't help but love the dreamy architecture of the summer cottages themselves. An all time favorite is a cottage adorned with weathered shingles and crisp white trim. It truly is the quintessential summer cottage. Hasn't every beach movie been filmed in a Hampton's shingled home? There isn't anything more quaint than a white beach cottage. Especially when it is complete with an adorable pink bike and outside shower with blue beach towels. This little gem has us wanting to pack our suitcases immediately.
white cottage with towels Image via Just Grand
Our newest crushes are the bold beach cottages painted black with the white trim. Doesn't sound beachy, you say? Just take a look at this little will definitely change your mind. We would love to hang our towel and tote bag right here after a day at the beach!
Image via Home Life Image via Home Life
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