Dear Keaton


Styling The Shelfie

Got the itch to redecorate with the new year? Try updating your shelfie with a new mix of edited pieces. Styling the shelfie can be a nice way to spice things up and showcase beloved travel souvenirs, well-worn reads, and your favorite finds. A simple redesign can breathe fresh air into your space, too! Not to mention, you don't have to break the bank when styling your shelfie – just add one or two new pieces and rearrange the things you already have! Start with books; gather books of the same size or collect them in a specific colorway. Books don't match or have titles you don't want seen? No problem — simply turn them around to show just the pages. Play around with groupings of the books and consider placement that keeps the shelves feeling balanced and intentional.

Next, bring in unique OBJECTS that add interest to the shelves. This can be a vase, a sculpture, bookends, a magnifying glass or gold wishbone. Have fun with selecting the items that can tell a story and showcase parts of your personality. Consider various sizes and shapes to attract the eye.

BASKETS and FRAMES and art are more good ideas for items on your shelfie. We especially love the look of textural baskets to break up the linear shapes of the books. Bookmark this post for later when you get started on styling your shelfie! Be sure to tag @dearkeaton on Instagram with photos of your shelfie — we'd love to see how you style your items at home.